5 Fundamental Traits of a Great Teacher

5 Fundamental Traits of a Great Teacher

Teaching it the art of passing on knowledge and ideas to your audience. Being a teacher is considered a skill in itself as you could have complete command on your knowledge, but you might still not be able to pass that knowledge on to others. The content of your lecture, college admissions essay help, the manner of delivery, and the medium you use to deliver that content are fundamentals of a good teaching method and a great teacher.


Everyone may get to be a teacher at some point in life, but teaching is not something meant for everyone. For some people, it comes as a natural skill to them, while others may have to work harder to be able to transfer their knowledge. Here we enlist five essential traits that a person must have or develop to become a truly great teacher;

1. Be Passionate

Passion is something that drives you to achieve excellence in your field of interest. When it comes to teaching, a teacher must possess the love and passion for his subject. The teacher is like a theatre actor who pulls his audience towards his story and makes them follow his act and get absorbed in it.

The students can see how their teacher believes in what he is teaching and is always ready to go the extra mile to transfer that knowledge to his students. They automatically become more responsive and interested in your subject. Always remember that passion is contagious.

2. Set Up Learning Objectives

Like it is said that the objective of education is learning, not teaching. Therefore your students must know what they are here to learn. Both the teacher and students have shared goals and objects of what they want to achieve by the end of the lecture.

The learning becomes more deliberate when the students are aware of their learning objectives and how they would be able to apply that knowledge.

3. Know Your Subject

When it comes to the knowledge of your subject, a great teacher needs to have a firm command of the content of his lecture. When you know your subject well, you are more confident in your delivery and also manage to gather your student’s admiration.

A good teacher can only inspire his students when he is always a step ahead of them. Attending a class without having thorough knowledge can not only be bad for the students, but it might also reflect badly on the course.

4. Handling Your Class

A good teacher is known by his weakest student therefore when you have managed to transfer the basic knowledge to each one of your students, you have done your job. You cannot expect the same behavior from every student. Some might be very obedient and attentive, while others might be more free-spirited and unruly.

A great teacher can manage their class in such a way that the students know their limits. The teacher should be kind, and the environment of the class should be light, but it should also be established that bad behavior and lack of discipline will also be punished.

5. Be Approachable

As it is said, ‘What a teacher is, is more important than what he teache' so your personality and attitude have a huge impact on your students. A good teacher must be approachable, friendly, and must encourage participation from all the students.

You should be able to develop personal communication with every student both inside the class and outside. A teacher can groom his students and help them become better individuals. Your words have a lot of power, and therefore, a few words of encouragement can enable your students to achieve greater goals in life.

When a student has any questions related to his subject or even some other concerns, they tend to look up to their teachers for guidance. If a teacher is not approachable, the student will have to rely on other means and might get misguided instead.


Teachers leave a lasting impression on the lives of their students. Therefore a teacher needs to develop these fundamental traits in his teaching methods. Teaching methods are an important aspect of teaching and learning: determine the activities of teachers and students, the quality of the teaching process, implicitly sending a message about what teaching is. A teacher, who can incorporate these traits in his personality, can be distinguished as being a great teacher and extraordinary at his job.

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