5 Food Hacks Professional Chefs Use Very Often

If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, then you should start preparing your meals at home. People often prefer to buy food from outside as they find it time-consuming. But there are several food hacks professional chefs use very often.

Use Non-Sticky Spray For Exact Measurements

Measuring sticky ingredients such as honey, peanut butter or molasses can be a little difficult as they will stick to the pan and your measurements will be disturbed. To solve the problem, you need to spray the cups with non-sticky spray. By using a non-sticky spray, you will save yourself the trouble of using a spatula and scrape it all out. It will save you time and improve your cooking.

Grate The Frozen Butter To Avoid Melting

When you are using the butter stick, it is important that it stays frozen and does not melt on the counter. You have to work fast to keep it from melting, and the best way of working fast is to keep the butter out from blast chiller and grate it. Grated butter is easy to add to muffins, scones, biscuits, etc. It makes the butter melt much easier if it is grated. If the butter is too cold to spread, the grating can help you. When you are topping vegetables or toasts or baked potatoes, you should grate the butter as it will be faster and save time.

Check Egg Freshness With A Glass Of Water

It is possible that you buy eggs, but you forget to use them, and they have been sitting in yourfridge for a long time. It is possible for the eggs to go bad. There is a trick that can help in checking whether the eggs are good to use without cracking them. You should take a bowl or glass of water and put an egg in it. If the egg sits at the bottom, then it means that the egg is good to use. If the egg starts to float, then you should not use it.

Use Ice Cube Trays To Re-Store Leftover Sauce

It is important that you do not waste food. If you have leftover sauce, then you should not throw it out because there is an easy way of storing it and using it in the future. Whether you are using homemade or canned sauce, you can always store it in the refrigerator using ice cube trays. It is easier to take them out of the ice cube trays when you need to use them.

Peel Garlic With A Plate To Prevent Hands From Smelling

Peeling garlic seems like a lot of work, and you do not want your hands to smell of garlic as well. There is a simple trick that will allow you peel garlic quickly and save your fingers from smelling as well. All you need to do is to smash it with a plate and put it in a plastic box and shake it. In this way, you will be able to separate the garlic cloves easily without getting your hands dirty.

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