5 Easy and Effective Ways to Maintain Your Car

5 Easy and Effective Ways to Maintain Your Car

Your car maintenance is about keeping your property safe, as well as protecting yourself and your family. Seeing as how both of these issues are incredibly important, it would be safe to assume that it’s a top priority for everyone. Unfortunately, a lot of people are slacking in this field, either due to negligence or lack of knowledge. Fortunately, there are a lot of easy and effective tricks that you could turn to in order to effectively maintain your car by quite a bit. So, here are five crucial tips that you need to hear in order to make this a lot easier.

Read the user manual

Every car ever manufactured was made with a printed out user manual. The same goes for various car parts. While the majority of guides and guidelines give general tips that often show a discrepancy in thousands of miles (for instance, changing tires between 60,000 and 75,000 miles) the manual will give you exact numbers. This means that you have much better insight into what you’re dealing with. The most important thing worth keeping in mind here is that even if you don’t have the manual on you (you bought a used car without it or something like that), you can always download a PDF version online.

Prepare for horrible weather conditions

When preparing for horrible weather conditions, try to role-play driving the car in those scenarios. Is the current state of your windshield going to make it harder for you to see? Are the tires of your car inadequate for these road conditions? Are your windshield blades up to the task? If there’s fog, are your fog lights going to do the trick or do you need some new ones? Sure, these are questions that you can ask even without role-playing but this method makes things easier to visualize in your efforts to maintain your car effectively. This way, you can role-play some of your nightmare scenarios and do the best you can to avoid them.

Buy your own parts

Perhaps the biggest problem that a lot of people have with the maintenance of their car is of financial nature. Replacing a problematic part is expensive and if it’s still not completely broken, a lot of people will just postpone this until the problem can no longer be ignored. In addition, mechanics who overcharge for parts can be quite problematic. So, when a part starts malfunctioning or a mechanic mentions that you should replace it, you might want to find a reliable platform like Carparts2u and check the cost on your own. This makes budgeting simpler.

Splitting it into categories

The simplest way to improve the efficiency of your car maintenance is to split the tasks into categories. For instance, tires require a category on their own. Checking if they are properly inflated, having two sets for the warm and cold part of the year, rotating them, and replacing them regularly are just some of the things worth keeping in mind.

Then, there are fluids. The only problem lies in the fact that the different tasks within these categories aren’t done with the same frequency. Checking if your tires are inflated is something that you should do once every week but rotating them is something that you should do every several months. The same thing goes for fluids, seeing as how engine oil and brake oil don’t have to be replaced as often. Thus splitting the tasks into categories make it less complex and less expensive to maintain your car.

Learn how to recognize an honest mechanic

Having a dishonest mechanic or a mechanic that you don’t trust could drive you away from maintaining your car on a regular basis (well, at least servicing it regularly). So, here are several simple tricks and rules to follow. First, an honest mechanic will never have a problem with showing you an old part that they’ve replaced. Second, they’ll offer you a bill for the part that they’ve purchased as a replacement. Lastly, even though this is not a hard rule, if they’re trying to be too technical with their terminology or tell you that you simply wouldn’t understand it, they might be hiding something.


By having a plan, a roadmap, or a to-do list, you’re making your maintenance efforts a lot more systematic. This means that you can follow your progress, schedule these maintenance and inspection sessions on a regular basis, and make all of it a lot more manageable. Overall, finding an easy and effective way to maintain your car is really all the help that you need, seeing as how the motivation is there from the start.

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