5 Best Picks for Your Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

kitchen designing - 5 Best Picks for Your Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

The kitchen holds a special place in a property similarly cabinets also hold an imperative place within the kitchen space. There are many styles, designs, and finishes that you can choose for your kitchen cabinet. Every finish is having its own features so, here we will be discussing those features that will help you to pick the right finish for your kitchen.

If you are the person who is looking to get services regarding Cape Cod kitchen cabinets, then you need to contact experienced companies for the best results in term of guidance and installation. Following are the five finishes you need to consider:


It is an added cost that increases the look of depth in frames and applied moldings. It can be added to paint or stain finish. You get a wide variety of color that includes charcoal, pewter, black, brown, and white. You can apply the glaze with a brush leaving glaze brush strokes on the entire door. It is applied on door joints and rubbed off. The cost for the glazed cabinet is $30 to $ 45 per 100 Sq.Ft. The labor cost for the glazed cabinets is $ 635 to $1500. For finishing the cost is $300 to $900 and for the debris disposal, the cost is $20 to $ 35.

2-Paint for kitchen cabinet

In this, many coats of solid colors are applied to MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) or wood along with a protective top coat. The parts are sanded in between each step. Just like the stain on wood it also comes with a non-yellowing sealer. You can get 2 color options for the stock cabinetry; semi-custom comes with 10 colors and custom option as well.

Things to Remember: Cracks appear on the joints in the wood frame because of the humidity that causes expansion in the wood. If you are looking to avoid the cracks, then you need to go for MDF painted cabinet doors. Furthermore, the paint will also chip away every passing day so it is better to have a touch-up kit. In this, you will have a paint similar to the used one and brushes for easy use. Furthermore, there are many other options regarding modern kitchen cabinets that you can consider for your kitchen area that are discussed ahead.


It is made of high gloss solid acrylic. If you are looking to get a glossy finish, then this is the right choice for you. It will work best for your contemporary kitchen. It has a higher price tag because these are custom cabinets.

 Features: It is water and scratch resistant. It is also UV resistant and the color will not fade away.


It is a piece of foil that is wrapped with 3/4 thick MDF door. There are very limited door styles. You can pick the white color to get a super trendy look. If your cabinets are placed near to range or oven, then heat shields are important. The cost for the per linear foot is $285, whereas for refacing the price can be $800 to $100.

 Features: It is very durable and it’s an indestructible finish. In case, if doors get damage, then it cannot be repaired, the only option is a replacement.


In this, you get many colors and it is applied to MDF door. To cover the edges, you need PVC edge banding. To make the right color decision you need to take large sample pieces. The cost charged by the professionals for a typical 10 foot to 12 foot is between $900 to $2800. For kitchen cabinet refacing real wood, veneer cost will be $2300 to $ 5700. For high-quality veneer, you need to pay $6800 to $ 8700.

Features: It is highly durable and the features are similar to the thermofoil.

6-Stain on Wood

Staining wood constitute of a hand wiping or spraying a semi-transparent or transparent stain that comes with a protective top coat. In this, the wood parts are sanded between each step. The outer coat is a non-yellowing sealer. It is available for an affordable price tag that is $1.59 - $3.55 per square foot.

Features: It is very durable because the stain permeates the wood. You need to get a touch-up kit that is having a crayon to fill in nicks if any.

These were six finishes that you can choose for your kitchen cabinets. If you are looking to get guidance or kitchen cabinet ideas for small kitchen and large kitchen, then you need to contact experienced companies to get the best results.

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