4 Ways to Break the Stress Routine and Care for Your Wellbeing More

4 Ways to Break the Stress Routine and Care for Your Wellbeing More

Reports reveal that anxiety disorders are among the most common mental illnesses. The typical causes of anxiety are cardiovascular problems, diabetes, thyroid problems, and asthma. But, also contributing to the alarming increase rate of anxiety disorders around the world is stress routine.

A lot of people these days live such competitive and stressful lives that they are getting sick because of it. Long work days, not getting enough sleep, not eating at the right time, relying on energy drinks to stay awake and meet deadlines. All these put the body on a constant fight or flight response and send higher amounts of stress hormones throughout the body, which are known to weaken the immune system.

So, basically, if you have a highly stressful daily routine, you are setting yourself up for a serious illness. If you do not put a halt to this routine, there is no doubt that one day you will find yourself gravely ill.

Thus, it goes without saying that if you are living for your loved ones, or yourself because there are so many things that you still want to accomplish, you better start making changes now. Break the stress routine and regain wellness. Here are four ways to do just that:

1. Change your diet

Instead of relying on coffee and energy drinks to fuel your days, eat healthy fibre rich food. Invest in better quality ingredients and well-prepared meals. There are places that specialize in health food, turn to them if you cannot personally prepare your meals.

This change in your stress routine alone can do wonders for your stress levels because nutritious food such as fatty fish, green leafy vegetables, nuts, and seeds are chock-full of the nutrients that your body desperately needs when it’s doing so much.

Stop heading to the nearest fast food restaurant because they usually offer food products with empty calories. Plus, studies show that one of the reasons why people living in poverty become overweight or obese and have serious health conditions (which make them quite stressed) is because of their dependence on cheap fast food alternatives.

So, eat quality meals and slowly but surely control stress.

2. Make relaxation a weekly treat

Find the time to relax even for just a couple of hours over the weekend to break the stress routine. Set aside time for yourself to regroup, relinquish control, and be taken care of. Get massage.

According to a top massage therapy school in London, massage is one of the best ways to control the body’s production of adrenaline and cortisol (stress hormones). This is because, for an hour or so, all you have to do is lie down and focus on the strategic kneading your body is getting. Plus, the relief you get when those tensed muscles are relaxed can easily put you to sleep and everybody knows that sleep is a fantastic escape from stress.

Another thing that you can do is to get a beauty treatment. Make your looks something that you do not have to worry about. Get a full facial treatment and emerge from the session with brighter, younger-looking skin.

3. Find a hobby to break the stress routine

A hobby is a good deviation from the “same old, same old” stress routine. It will allow you to tap into a different side of your brain and “neutralize” its activity. At the same time, it can give you joy.

Finding something that is fun and lets the hours pass without you realizing it is a great stress-buster. There’s nothing like more endorphins in your system to keep adrenaline and cortisol at bay.

4. Clean and clear your space

A clean space clears the mind. Likewise, it can make the tasks that you need to accomplish much easier to complete because there’s no clutter to rummage through.

If you want to take things to the next level, try minimalism. This has worked as a stress-reliever for so many people, particularly those who are hyper-sensitive. Having fewer things to see and deal with makes it easier to enter into a calm state.

Minimalism also increases focus on the things that truly matter such as getting enough sleep for the body to recuperate, having more time for relationships instead of chores, and creating enriching experiences instead of buying more things.

So there you go, brilliant ways to break the stress routine.

You can still do more but these four will greatly help in launching you on your way to better overall health. Remember, life is short — live it well.


Marc Innes is a humble man who has served on numerous roles in NHS as manager and trainer in Ambulance Service in London for many years. He is now managing the School of Natural Therapies as an owner and principal. It's a training school for Massage & Holistic Therapies based in London. Most of his time was dedicated to train and coach medical staff. Having spent many years in the health sector, he gradually turned towards several alternatives of Allopathic Medicine, i.e. Reiki Healing and EFT. With a keen interest and passion, he started practice in complementary therapy and energy healing over time. He also teaches alternative therapies in his school. Marc is passionate about and actively working in the field of massage and complementary therapy with an aim to enable people to live a healthy and happy life.

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