3 Movies That Will Inspire You to Take Charge of Your Life

We will talk about three movies that have made a strong impact on lives of many people. Two of the movies on the list have been inspired by two people who chose to let do things people could only dream of.
Even though the third movie is not based on the real story. The author who wrote the book that movie is based on took inspiration from his own life and parties that he attended when he was visiting Long Island’s north shore.

These real stories of success and kindness will inspire you to make changes in your life you were not willing to make before.

Pretty sure most of you have watched them. Even if you have watched them once, you can watch them with a different perspective.

And those of you who have not watched it are seriously missing out.

You will know how to find happiness in your life.

Schindler's list

A Movie to watch when you think that what you have is not enough.

We are so blessed to have a roof over our head, food to eat and people to love. We don’t have to fear for our life every day we wake up. And it is a luxury that was not provided to the jews.

But they found their messiah in Oskar Schindler. He helped them survive when they were hunted. He created opportunities for them. Opportunities that saved so many lives.

It’s not easy saving people. At times it can be hard even saving yourself.

If you have seen the movie you must have noticed that Oskar Schindler was not great in his relationship with his wife.

But he did so much good and in doing so saved countless lives.

Although he started out with a selfish reason for becoming an industrialist with the vast fortune. In the end, he was a changed man he spent all his fortune trying to save these people and he was successful.

People change, circumstances change them.

He did not help because he expected anything in return. He did all he could and when the time came to say goodbye he wished that he could have done more for them.

Is that not inspiring enough for you? Doesn't it make you want to do something for a just cause?


The movie name is the final destination that the namesake Joy reached after her journey.

It was a road paved with plenty of roadblocks.

So, how many times have you thought that no, that idea is just too silly, it would never work?

What if Joy had thought the same thing? And given up even before trying it?

Would she not be a successful businesswoman?

Yes, she would probably still be a successful businesswoman. She would have come up with an idea that sounded less silly and made it work.

But she would have still lost a good opportunity. After she explained her ‘Miracle Mop’ in an infomercial, the product went viral and became a hit.

But it wasn’t smooth sailing after that she went through so many difficulties.

She was betrayed by her own sister, albeit a half-sister. But what is a person supposed to do
when the person who is supposed to support you and stand by you through the thick and thin betrays you?

Forgive them. That’s all you can do. If you don’t forgive people they hold you back. Not only do you lose people you also lose a little piece of yourself.

And it’s a waste of time. Brooding about something that has already happened isn’t going to change it.

So, how about you learn from that mistake as well and forgive the person and get back to conquering the world?

Isn’t that what you want to do? Isn’t that the kind of inspiration you are looking for?

Look at Joy, even when people tried to hold her back she won. She won even when people try to imitate and steal her design. She won even when things started to get dicey.

And she would have lost if she had sat at home and done nothing but lose herself in soap operas like her mother. Or if she had decided to not do anything about people no returning her money back.

She was smart, she has to be to come up with an idea and to actually give that idea wings to fly.

The lesson we take from joy here is perseverance and hard work.

The Great Gatsby

No matter how much of a happy picture you want to paint of life. People will disappoint you.

Every one of you who have seen this movie must know why it is on this list.

Gatsby stood for hope and he died believing in it.

The reason we lack inspiration is that we have stopped believing. We have stopped believing in us. We have stopped believing that we could make things happen.

Gatsby never stopped believing in himself as well as others.

He stood by daisy even after she took the easy way out.

This movie will take you on a ride of emotions. You will feel joy, trepidation and absolute devastation.

It will wreak havoc on your feelings. But remember you can only grieve for so long.

What you could take from it is how Gatsby turned his life around and became successful but that did not make him invincible.

He was still prone to heartbreak and death. This is for people who make it in their life but forget their humble beginning. Do not forget where you come from.

And keep the hope alive.

Again if you have not watched or missed out on any of these three movies, I suggest that you hurry and get to it.

Inspiration is a thing that might hit you anywhere at anytime. Or you could spend years looking for it at all the wrong places and still not be able to convince yourself to do anything about it.

So, next time inspiration hit’s you don’t ignore the call. Do something about it and who knows it might turn out to be the best thing you ever did in your life?

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