125 Small Business Ideas for People Affected by Corona and Lockdown

125 Small Business Ideas for People Affected by Corona and Lockdown


The year 2020 has been a disaster for the whole world in terms of mental, physical, and economic health. A lot of people are left jobless and workless because of the Corona pandemic and lockdowns. But they still have to pay the bills!

So, if you have no job or work, you can’t sit idle. You have to find some source of income. However, don’t lose hope and keep your morale high as nothing good or bad lasts long. This difficult time will also pass. Just keep your mind open and look for the opportunities to earn.

To help you with this, here I have prepared a list of 125 small business ideas. And I am sure you would find one of them useful in making your economic condition stronger again.

I would be extremely happy to know if you like and go ahead with an idea. You can choose one or combine more than one idea into a unique business. You can even innovate a simple looking business and attract a lot of customers. If you do so and get success (that I heartily hope and wish), I would be the first to know, in the comment section here.

I would also like to include your suggestion for any business idea if not available here. Your valuable comment will help me improve this list.

But first, go through this list and see which ones can work for you.

125 Small Business Ideas

1. Mobile Grocery Shop

2. Mobile Vegetable Shop

3. Mobile Beauty Products Shop

4. Mobile Food Store

5. Mobile Cold-drink Store

6. On-site and on-road car and bike repair and service

7. On-site cooking and catering service (for small to big occasions and functions)

8. Playhouse for kids

9. Babysitting services and daycare center

10. Online/Offline tuition

11. Personal online/offline tuition

12. Web and app designing and development services

13. All kind of digital designing services

14. Online marketing services

15. Content writing services

16. SEO consulting services

17. Software development services

18. Removal services

19. Home and office cleaning services

20. Home and office improvement services

21. Home delivery services – Grocery, medicines, ready-to-eat foods, etc

22. Plumbing services

23. Furniture making and repairing services

24. Home and office painting

25. Manpower supply services

26. Toy manufacturing

27. Mobile accessories and repairing

28. Mobile shop for mobile accessories and repairing

29. Water tank cleaning services

30. Window and exterior cleaning services for apartments

31. Home appliances service and repairing

32. Goods carrier services with mini/large truck

33. Herbal products production/selling wholesale/retail

34. On-site computer repairing, software installation, virus cleaning services

35. Custom and fancy handbag manufacturing/selling wholesale/retail

36. Purse, belt, and glasses for men/women/kids wholesale/retail store or mobile shop or online selling

37. Assignment writing services for school and college, university students

38. Essay writing services for school, college, and university students

39. Slideshow and presentation making services small businesses and professionals

40. Designer mask and other Corona prevention equipment manufacturing and selling

41. Sanitizers manufacturing/selling wholesale/retail

42. Gas cylinder booking and home delivery agency

43. Milk and other dairy product shop or home delivery

44. Personal gym/health trainer

45. Beauty parlor shop

46. Beauty parlor services at home

47. Toilet and bathroom cleaning services

48. Kitchen supply service (keep kitchen shelves checked and supply when needed) for working couples

49. Laundry service

50. Cooking and cleaning service for working couples

51. Birthday celebration planning, arrangement, and management services

52. Function planning, arrangement, and management

53. Tea and snacks stall or truck

54. Tea and snacks supply at industrial and construction sites

55. Tiffin pick-up and delivery services

56. Personal assistant to businessman and professionals - on contract bases – part-time/full-time

57. Manufacturing of any product (depending on your fund or capacity of getting investment)

58. YouTube video making – if you have any skill or craft that can attract views

59. Online product review writing service

60. Offline product testing and review service

61. Photography and video shooting on functions

62. Material supply for functions

63. Entertainment group/team for functions and parties

64. Team for serving food and drinks at functions and parties

65. Fresh flower supply to homes and offices

66. Interior and exterior designing services for home and/or office

67. Business planning and documentation services

68. Business marketing/finance/management/staffing training and consultancy

69. Shopping service for working couples and busy people

70. Yoga training center if you have a location with large space)

71. Basic skill training center like cooking, knitting, sewing, etc

72. Embroidery design services

73. Homework and project preparation help for students of primary and secondary school

74. Freelance recruitment services

75. Soft-skill training service for businesses

76. Bike and car look and style customization services

77. Car and bike sticker designing service

78. Custom design service for shirts and t-shirt

79. Wall art and show-piece design services for homes, offices, showrooms, hospitals, etc

80. Branding (stationery, packaging, uniform design, etc ) services for businesses, hospitals, showrooms, etc

81. Public relations management services

82. Staff pick up and drop services

83. Pickles and fryums production and supply (wholesale/retail)

84. Traditional clothes and dress manufacturing and supply (wholesale/retail)

85. Freelancing

86. Online selling (on eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart)

87. Dropshipping (on eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart)

88. Financial and insurance consultancy services

89. Product designing service online

90. Project management service online

91. Business development manager online

92. Virtual assistant

93. News and article writing and editorial services (in Hindi, English or your local language)

94. Data entry and typing services online

95. Paste control services

96. Personal branding and image-making services

97. Credit score improvement services

98. Home and kitchen garden planning and setup services

99. Real estate broker services - Home and office for rent and sale

100. Scrap collection business

101. Scrap and waste recycling business

102. Homemade and handicraft products – manufacturing/selling wholesale/retail

103. Tour operator services

104. Jewelry and fashion accessories designing

105. Man and women dress designing

106. Video production/editing and photo editing services

107. Pet care and pet sitting services

108. Job placement agency

109. Antique article buy and sell

110. Used car/bike buy and sell

111. Vehicle repairing service on Highways (car, trucks, etc repairing service)

112. Custom mugs and plate designing services

113. Creative/Customized gift baskets

114. Food parcel service from home

115. Lunch preparation and tiffin service for working people

116. Home furnishing services

117. Marriage and relationship counseling services

118. Mediation services

119. Old clothes buying and selling

120. Old furniture buying and selling

121. Fruit and fruit juice selling truck

122. Cake and chocolate business – retail/wholesale, customized for parties and functions

123. Fancy dress / Superhero dress production and selling

124. Custom shoes design and production

125. Custom car/bike accessories business

I hope this list of small business ideas will be helpful to you in starting a new source of income.

Best of luck!

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