10 Tips to Get a Perfect Power Point Design

Power Point is one of the many amazing software that Microsoft has given to this world. From organizations to educational institutes, the software plays an active role in the presentation of different ideas and theories. But, it requires a lot of good efforts to come up with a perfect power point design that can not only help you in presenting your ideas, but can also leave a positive impact to your audience.

You need to have a number of extraordinary design skills, sense of style, and technical knowledge to come up with a perfect design. The test will be failed otherwise if your presentation has got some genuine problems like unreadable text, broken links, etc.

If you are also on your way to design a power point template for your office or educational work, read the following points that can certainly help you out in getting a perfect design.

1. Use a Correct Layout
You need to use a correct, simple, and effective layout that can deliver your message rightly. In many languages, reading order is left to right or top to bottom. Considering this, you need to use the right order so that the target audience may not face any difficulty in reading your message. Using this phenomenon, you can also emphasize on different points by showing them in starting.

2. Use the Right Font and Its Size
You need to keep this thing in your mind that your audience will be quite away from the projector screen. So, the font you choose should be big enough to reach to their eyes. By using the right font, you need to make it sure that your audience can easily comprehend what you are presenting at the screen. Most people use 24pt or above font size in their presentations so that their audience can easily read the points in the slides.

Along with font size, font type also matters in the case of the PowerPoint presentations. You shouldn’t use any font that has “serifs”. Also, never use more than two font types in your presentation. One you can keep for the headings in the presentation and the other you can use for their descriptions.

3. Use Good Backgrounds
To make a perfect power point design, you need to use such a background that can help you keep the flow of your presentation. To come with a perfect background, you can conduct a little research by viewing different top quality presentations. By viewing them, you will notice that top quality presentations use one or two different backgrounds. They use backgrounds, according to the information being shared on a slide and keep this consistency in their future slides as well. By doing this, they always know that what kind of background should be used for a certain information.

4. Don’t Use Sentences
Remember, slides are used just to reinforce maid ideas, not for the presentation of complete thoughts. Being a speaker or presenter, you should only keep important and main ideas into slides rather adding complete sentences. You should not add so many words in your slides because the audience will remain busy in reading the text and will not be able to give their full attention to what you are saying.

5. Use Quality and Relevant Photos
The more pleasing photos you use, the more people you will attract towards your presentations. Photos play a great role in making a presentation successful and by choosing relevant photos with your message, you can get the attraction of your audience. There are a number of websites that offer free photos for anyone. By taking some professional and relevant photos from them, you can make dynamic slides for your presentation and can successfully deliver your message to your audience.

6. Use Simple Yet Pleasing Colors
Where there is design, there will be colors and you must use some professional and eye-catching colors in your power point design. Whether the background, photos, or text, everything in your presentation templates should have consistent colors so that the presentation can give a professional look. For this, you can also take help from a graphic designer as he may better guide you about colors.

7. Add a Summary
It is important to summarize a presentation as it helps the audience to easily grasp what the presentation is about. You need to summarize your topic in around 20 to 25 words so that the audience can easily understand it. You can summarize the presentation in the beginning and at the end of it as well.

8. See from Your Audience’s Perspective
To come up with a perfect power point design, you need to see your presentation according to your audience point of view so that you can find flaws in it. Regarding this, you need to remain honest and realistic so that you can find your mistakes by yourself before the audience finds them.

9. Keep Everything Consistent
All slides in your presentation should have consistency in them. They should be consistent one to the next so that the audience may not lose their interest from it. The question “What’s next” should arise in the minds of the audience and they should develop their interest in each slide.

10. Use Tables
A table is a perfect option to show some statistics in a power point presentation. If the presentation you are making has some statistics or numbers to show, you can show them effectively in a table. You can visualize the tables as simple as you can so that they may not give a crowded look to your presentation design.

Consequently, by following the above tips, you can come up with a perfect power point design and can successfully attract your audience. Remember, a badly designed presentation will ruin everything and will also leave a pretty bad experience to your audience. So, give your power point presentation a perfect design, show your expertise in it, and let people hear your story!

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