10 Tips for a Successful First Romantic Vacation with Your Partner

10 Tips for a Successful First Romantic Vacation with Your Partner

When it’s finally time to take your first romantic vacation with your partner, the pressure of creating a memorable trip can take the fun and excitement out of the process. Instead of trying to make your first vacation perfect, focusing on keeping it real yet romantic, dreamy yet practical will make all the difference.

The following tips will come in handy while you’re planning a romantic getaway together.

Find someplace where both of you will have a good time

Picking a location is perhaps the most arduous aspect of planning a romantic getaway as a couple. Choose a location that you both like and that has pleasant weather so that you can spend plenty of time outdoors.

According to Savanah Collins from Interhome.co.uk, Croatia is the perfect destination for a summer holiday, even if you only have a short amount of time available.

Avoid extreme surprises in your first romantic vacation

Since it’s your first getaway together, try and avoid the urge to give a grand surprise to your companion, who may not be ready for grand gestures just yet. Keep it simple and straightforward, with plenty of low-key indulgences to make your loved one feel special. This is especially important if you’re testing waters to see if you really click as a couple.

Meet the parents another time

Don’t make your first trip together a “meet the parents” occasion. If either of you must take the other to meet your family, don’t do it on your first outstation trip. Take a short romantic vacation over the weekend to get to know each other better in a different setting, away from the pulls and pressures of everyday life.

Pay heed to your companion’s preferences

Tell each other what type of vacation excites you most. Planning a romantic vacation with your partner should be a joyful experience, and when it’s your first lovers’ getaway, it’s important to find a middle ground when selecting the type of accommodation, the amenities you can and cannot do without, and the activities you want to undertake on site.

Discuss how you want to spend your days

Aim for a relaxing, intimate vacation unless both of you love adventure and want a holiday experience buzzing with activity. A candle-light dinner, a walk on the beach, a couple’s spa session—there’s plenty you can do to make each other feel special.

Travel during the offseason to avoid crowds—it will also help you save up for your next romantic vacation.

Be willing to compromise

If you’d like a rugged camping trip but your spouse or partner wants a laid-back beach vacation just soaking the sun, discuss your options and maybe plan a trip to accommodate both. If that doesn’t work out, be open to compromise a little—you can always take a second trip of your choice.

Opt for couples-only accommodation

Many premium holiday resorts offer couples-only accommodation or kid-free zones within their premises to give couples complete privacy and noise-free vacation experience. You can really let your guard down when there are no little ones around.

Book an adults-only hotel, or better still, stay in a private holiday apartment or villa for a bespoke first romantic vacation with your significant other.

Respect each other’s individuality

Many times, in the excitement of planning a trip, people can go overboard with taking charge and doing things their own way. Avoid doing this on your very first trip, especially when your relationship is new, as it may make you look dominating and insensitive. Instead, seek your companion’s opinion on every choice and base every decision on mutual consent.

Plan for and allow solo time

Taking some time out for yourself when on a romantic vacation may sound weird to some, but when you’re together day and night for several days, things can get a little too overbearing. Go alone for a walk or read a book by the pool while your partner explores the local flea market.

Time away from each other will recharge and re-energize you and make you crave each other’s company, especially on a long trip.

Don’t avoid an argument by walking out

When two people spend extended time together in a small space, there are bound to be minor disagreements, especially if it’s their first time together in such a setup.

If such a situation does arise, talk it out with your companion, listen to their perspective and resolve the matter. This will avoid unease and resentment from building up and make the other person respect you even more.

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