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If you are a blogger and looking for the platform to publish your work, you are on the right page. We always welcome new contributors. We would like to hear from you if you are writing the articles which can get attention of our readers and help them bring some positive changes in their life or profession. You don’t need to write something extremely outstanding that will redefine a particular industry. Your work should just be able to create a fresh perspective among the readers on a topic.

Your article will be first reviewed by HappyNetty Team and will be published once approved. So a quality article with a really useful information is an important criteria to get approved. It will also be rewarding as thousands of people including your clients, peers and potential employers will read your articles.

What you get by guest posting at HappyNetty.com

1. High quality and permanent backlinks.

2. Exposure to real and relevant audience.

3. Quality and targeted traffic to your website.

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Guidelines for guest posts

You are free to choose any topic of your interest. Just make sure that it's of good quality, relevant and really useful for the readers. Make sure that your article is plagiarism free

Length of article:
An informative article with appropriate length will rank well on search engines, so it's advisable that you submit an article of at least 500 words.

Relevant images:
Make sure to add a main image using the image field. Also add other relevant images in the body field if needed. Make sure to add proper names and alt attributes.

Make sure to mention about the sources and their links for the image as well as the information/facts and statistics at the bottom of the article. This is to give due credits to original producers of the images, facts/information and statistics, and avoid copyright violations.

Author info and links:
Guest blogs are allowed 2 links, one in body section and one in author or contributor info section. Please add your links wisely to avoid penalty from Google.

How to become a contributor

To become a contributor and submit a guest post, you need to signup and login on HappyNettty. Please login or signup with your social account or your email. If you are already registered with HappyNetty, you can login and go ahead

1. Signup with your Facebook or Linkedin or Twitter account or with your email. If you signup with your email, you will need to verify your email by clicking the verification link sent to you in an email from HappyNetty.

2. After signup and login, you will see a User menu on top right. You will get "Post a story" under this menu.

3. Click that link and you will be taken to an article creation form which you can fill and post your article.

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