Understanding the Types of Grow Lights for Marijuana


If you are planning to grow some indoor marijuana, the very first way to start is by learning about the various stages of cannabis plant growth, as well as how lighting affects plants. When you assemble your grow gear for marijuana, you should focus on the right grow light for your indoor plants. Even though this may seem like an overwhelming task with all the options available, we have the right guide for you on exactly how you can choose the most suitable marijuana LED grow light for your project.

Before you decide on the best lighting for your cannabis, you need to be aware of the amount of light they will need. At every stage of the lifecycle, the plants have to absorb the light. Just as other plants around us, cannabis plants always go through some stags as they grow and each one allows you to understand the plant from various perspectives. You should keep in mind that each one of the stages requires different amounts of light, water, and nutrients.

When talking about cannabis, this plant has four main stages in its lifecycle.

1. Seed Germination

In plants, this stage begins with the seeds and it lasts for about 1-2 weeks. As you imagine, you do not need lights for this stage of the cannabis plant lifecycle.

2. The Seedling Stage

You should know that the second stage of the cannabis life all starts when your plant develops its marijuana leaves. Know that this stage often lasts for about 2-3 weeks and your plants will need about 18-24 hours of sunlight.

3. Cannabis Vegetative Stage

This is the third stage, lasting for about 2-8 weeks and this is exactly when your plants will stop growing for some time. During the plant's vegetative stage, your marijuana or cannabis plant will need about 13 to 24 hours of enough sunlight.

4. The Flowering Stage

This is the final stage, lasting for about 6-8 weeks. You need to know that you need about twelve hours of sunlight in a day. When you see fully mature buds, this is when you can harvest the herbs.

The Types of Marijuana Grow Lights

When it comes to choosing the best grow light for marijuana, you can choose from many options, but now that you are aware of the life cycle of cannabis, this task will be much easier for you.The very first thing you need to know is there are three different types of cannabis lights that are available in the market, including fluorescent, HID and LED. So what light type is the most suitable one for your indoor grow room?

LED Grow Lights

Among other light options, these ones make it to the top of most expensive ones and they cost so much more compared to HID lights. However, when you choose Dorm Grow LED lights, you will be able to minimize your operating costs, since they consume less power compared to the other options available. In addition, LED grow lights emit less heat, which leads to lowering costs and minimizing the heat for keeping the grow room cool.

HID lights are warmer when compared to LED grow lights, but this also means that you will need to heat your plant during the cooler months. If the cost of these lights is something that worries you, you need to know that such lights last for many years, and investing in them will prove to give you long-term benefits.

LED lights to come with many benefits for cannabis plants, but they also come with some flaws. Even though you have to spend much more, in the beginning, you will have enough lighting, which would be easier to install, allows you to lower all operating costs, easy to install and more. However, you should be careful if you decide to switch from HID grow lights since these ones differ from others.

HID Grow Lights

If you have a tight budget, this option will prove to be a lifesaver. As mentioned earlier, HID grow lights are quite less expensive when compared to LED, grow bulbs. The budget you need for HID grow lights offer good quality along with good LED grow light expense. In the same price, you can purchase a timer, hanger, HPS, reflector, ballast, and MH bulb. When you choose these lights, you should know they are metal halide and high-pressure sodium, which often leads to an increase in the production of heat. You will also need to invest in some extra cooling equipment of best quality.

Although the LED grow lights are the best options, a lot of people prefer HID lighting to get better results in growing marijuana. It allows them to get higher weed yields. However, LED lights will also provide you with potent buds.

The bottom line is that HID grow lights offer lower costs, but they provide deeper penetration. You should keep in mind that such lights also heat up the area compared to others. If you are planning to take up a DIY marijuana-growing project, you should go for LED grow lights!

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