Top Things to do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Are you visiting Costa Rica for the first time? The small country located in Central America is popular nature travel destination. If you are looking to take up eco-tourism, This place can offer a competitive advantage with its nature parks, wildlife protected areas, flora, and fauna. It is the home to a variety of floras and faunas, world famous beaches, and within the travel distances from Caribbean and Pacific Coast, you can discover active volcanoes to be toured safely. Whether you want to travel alone or with the family, Costa Rica is a magnificent place. Honeymooners and newlyweds can combine adventure, romance, mystical visits to rainforests, volcanic areas secluded beaches.

So, you have plenty of reasons to travel to this amazing destination. To know about the best Costa Rican activities, refer to this section closely. Some of the popular activities that tourists love to indulge when traveling to Costa Rica are trekking, hiking, bird watching, beach activities and visiting rural communities. You may also look forward to adventurous activities in this country. Let us find out the top things to do in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

Rain Forests can only complete your Costa Rica vacation

A visit to this country is certainly not complete if you do not visit the Rain Forests. In the Rain Forests of Costa Rica, you can discover the treasure house of natural resources. There are plenty of national parks yet to be explored. You may opt to explore the Rain Forests on your own or take up guided tours. In the Rain Forests here, you can find most exotic species of plants and animals. There are nearly 1000s of species of birds, insects, and animals here.

A visit to mesmerizing sandy beaches

Costa Rica has the most beautiful coasts and so there is no dearth of beaches here. As it is positioned along the Caribbean shoreline, the color of the waters is simply exotic. In the exotic waters, you can enjoy tropical adventures and water sports activities such as windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming.

A visit to the volcanic sites

Costa Rica harbors several volcanoes and they are natural to this place. Just like Rain Forests, volcanoes are found in plenty. In entire Central America, Irazu Volcano is the tallest and is found in this area.

Explore monuments and the places of historical importance

Looking to explore the history of Costa Rica? Why not pay a visit to famous monuments and historical buildings. There are several museums and monuments here that preserve artifacts of the past. You will find here churches, historic ruins that date back to the Columbian times.

Sports activities in Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers a lot of sports opportunities and so you can either watch the sports or take part in them. If you love soccer game, you can watch soccer games and enjoy the performance of professional soccer players.

Wildlife watching experience

Costa Rica is the storehouse of flora and fauna. You will find here thousands of species of animals, birds, and insects. Snakes, turtles, lizards, birds are found in plenty. Take up bird watching tour to see the rarest species of birds.

Costa Rica is the finest tropical destination flocked by millions of travelers from all across the globe. Here you will find the best restaurants and hotels offering fine dining experiences. Shopping is another activity you can indulge in.

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