Tips to Create and Optimize XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps

If you want to rank your site fast on Google, then you should know the importance of XML sitemaps. Looking from the point of search engine optimization (SEO), XML sitemaps plays a very important role in boosting your site’s rank and today I am going to tell you tips to create and optimize XML sitemaps.

Every web development company create and optimize XML sitemaps because they want their business to grow fast. Before looking at how you can optimize XML Sitemaps, let us see first what it is and how it works.

What is XML Sitemap?

XML Sitemap is basically a roadmap that includes all the pages of your website, and because of this, it becomes easy for the Google’s robot also known as the crawler, to crawl through each page and link on that page. With this, all the pages of your website are indexed easily, and the ranking is boosted quickly. So, now as you know the importance of XML sitemaps, we will move further and see how to create and optimize XML sitemaps.

How to Create and Optimize XML Sitemaps?

1. By using plugins:

There are many plugins available that help in generating the XML sitemaps automatically, you can use the already available plugins like Google Sitemap. The Google XML Sitemap is a tool that is specially developed to optimize the XML sitemaps.

2. Submit it to Google directly:

Another way to optimize the XML Sitemap, after creating it is, submit it to the search console that is located in the “google search console”. If any mistake will be there, you will be able to correct it and once you correct the mistake, resubmit the XML sitemap and wait for all the pages to get indexed.

3. Set the priority list:

You must be knowing that every page of your site is important. You should give priority to each and every page of your website and if you want the ranking to grow fast, then set the priority list of each and every page while creating the XML sitemap.

4. Include direct URLs:

 It’s good to do keyword optimization, but if you are putting a similar type of keyword everywhere then it simply means that you are confusing the search engines. So, instead of confusing the search engine, you should submit only those URLs which are the accepted URLs. It will help the search engine to rank your site fast.

5. Try to keep your XML file small:

If you don’t want your server to take more load, then it is your responsibility to keep the XML file. If the file will be too large, it will take time to load and user-experience will get affected.

Mentioned above are the top 5 tips to create and optimize XML sitemaps. It is recommended to work on these tips if you want to rank your site.

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