Role of Mentors in People's Life


The roles of mentors have been very influential in various cultures across the world. At some point of time in life, we all seek that guidance from someone who can understand our difficulties and help us in getting out of them through proper guidance.

However, the role of mentors is not that of the rope in a well which is used to pull the bucket out of the water. It is not that the mentor will always pull you out of your situations and you will live your life with ease. The duties and responsibilities of a mentor are far more varying and outnumbered. They are more inclined towards inculcating the habits and self-discipline in their clients that help them in solving their troubles gradually.


Let us tell you about some of the roles that mentors can play in our lives:

1. Mentor as a Critic:

Somewhere, down the line, we all know that we need to be corrected for our mistakes- just like when we were corrected by our parents when we were children. When we grow up our situations become complex and different. We cannot go out and seek suggestions from everyone or anyone we meet. We cannot even trust people for their suggestions often. Moreover, if we look for some healthy feedback- most of the people we find will either try to please us for everything (right or wrong unperturbed) or discourage us from their negative feedbacks. At this time- a true critic can become the mentor in our situation who can guide us about the shortcomings that can be improved and the good points that can be strengthened further.

2. Mentor as a Guide:

When we tend to fall, we need some support to help us in rising up. We need to be told that it is okay to fall at times. A mentor can act as a supportive guide in our journey of life. He or she can tell us how we can look beyond the difficulties of present and work towards making a better future. Only a mentor can be as suggestive and supportive as a teacher who teaches his students about new concepts and warns them of the difficulties they may face in their exams. Mentors look into the forthcoming troubles and help us in preparing a plan henceforth to deal with them.

3. Secret-keepers:

It is really difficult to find someone who can keep your secrets. For example- if you are going through a turbulent period in your relationships and you seek some guidance from your mentor- you need to be very much vigilant of it. If you will go on to share your secrets with everybody around- in no time will you become the talk of the town? Your mentor has the responsibility of being into self-discipline and keeping your secrets intact so that he can give you right kind of guidance on how should you deal with your personal lives in the difficult situations. The role of mentor as a secret keeper is similar to that of the locker of the bank where only the owner of the account knows what’s there inside.

The various roles that are performed by mentors in our lives are unlimited. They help us in developing self-discipline, self-confidence as well as self-worth when we go through the times- favorable or unfavorable.

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