Low Cost Freelance Marketplaces Freelancers and Clients Should Try

If you are an employer looking to outsource your project but worried about the higher cost due to high fees of top freelancing sites, one of these sites can be an option with lower the costs. If you are a freelancer and tired of giving a huge part of your earning as commissions for using freelancing platform, you should try these free or less expensive platforms for your freelance business. Unlike top freelance marketplaces which takes 15 to 20 percent as the commission from freelancer's earnings, these freelancing websites are providing better platforms with free or comparatively lower fees.


Golance is a very young platform and is growing very fast. It provides a very user-friendly interface for freelancers and employers and takes 10% as commission. Its a better platform for employers as it gives flexibility and allows companies create multiple profiles and teams. It also helps to pay freelancers using goCradit when a company wants the project completed but don't have enough money at hand.


Guru is the best option among the top freelancing sites like UpWork, Freelancer and it takes less than 10% as a commission from the freelancer's earning. Its a small marketplace but provides very user-friendly, clean and minimalist design which makes it easy to use for freelancers and employers


FreeeUp is a new and rapidly growing freelance marketplace and is in the market for only a couple of years. It comprises of less number of freelancers compared to those old freelancing marketplaces with millions of freelancers because of its selective membership policy.It has fewer clients, only a few thousands and is growing rapidly. The best part of FreeeUp is it does not take any fee from freelancer's earning.


Gigster is a high-quality freelance platform who hires the top 1% freelance software experts and is the choice of top companies like Mastercard, eBay, and IBM. The fee is included in the project cost and not taken from the freelancers. Gigster delivers the best results by combining top talent on earth with a scientific approach to ensure high quality and efficiency.


HubStaff is a free freelancing marketplace where freelancers and employers can work together without being required to pay anything. HubStaff doesn't take any commission like other freelancing platforms. It also does not require employers to communicate and pay only on its platform. Freelancers tired of high fees on Upwork and Fiverr will find this as the best platform for freelancing. Its a completely free platform for freelancing.

Hope you will find this article useful. You will get a new source of finding work for your freelance business if you are a freelancer and a new source of finding experts to outsource your project if you are a company or an employer.

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