Enemies of Your Success and How to Defeat Them

You have a goal and you desperately want to achieve it. But like most of the people, you find it difficult to keep even your finances in line with your expenses, forget the progressing towards your goal. You may find many reasons for this, but one thing you may be missing is lack of FOCUS.

Isn't it so? If not, and if you are FOCUSED on what you should be doing, then you don't need to read further.

Now, as you are reading this, you are looking for the help in overcoming the lack of FOCUS. So who are the real enemies of your SUCCESS? The answer is DISTRACTIONS and TIME KILLERS. Stay on to know who they are.

Notifications - the first line of the army of distractions and time killers.

Make a list of social media and apps and classify them into USEFUL and USELESS. You will notice that almost 90% of them will be adding no value to your daily work and business.

Second is the marketing emails and newsletters.

These are just the stuff you wouldn't actually get benefits from. Newsletters for new articles or videos or webinars may add but very little value to your overall growth.

If you think that emails and mobile notifications are helpful, its not so. Not all of them are useful. Ask yourself these questions while looking at a notification or an email.
1. Is it going to help you save time while doing a task?
2. Is it going to increase your income?
3. Is it going to help you achieve your goal faster?

There can be more questions, but these are the questions related to the core things in your life. Things like your career, your business, your profession, your job which decides your financial as well as personal conditions.

Third is chat apps and games.

If your first action as soon as you get free time is playing game or chatting with your friends, you may be progressing towards its addiction from time pass. You won't notice and it will make way into your working hours from free minutes and will start making you forget your daily and important tasks.

So what are the best ways to defeat these enemies?

Attack your enemy and its supply before it can make way into your territory.

1. Remove useless apps and games from your mobile. I know its difficult to convince our mind on what is useful and what is useless as mind choose the easy and amusing things over hard but useful things.

2. Unsubscribe the newsletters. You can stay subscribed with those newsletter which actually help you in your efforts in achieving your goal. I.e. if your goal is to become a successful entrepreneur in eCommerce, a newsletter about eCommerce trends and tips will be useful for you.

3. Stop wasting time in chatting with friends who can't help you move towards your goal. Its good to stay connected, but gossip is just a time killer and does nothing more than killing your time.

By doing this, you are cutting the ways from where they can enter into your routine, preventing them from attacking your efforts towards achieving your goal.

Make your fort stronger and safer.

1. Make a schedule of your tasks of the day, week and month. And let nothing distract you from doing it on time. But still you need to be flexible to change when needed. Sometimes you have to accept unavoidable task which is not in your list and affect other task, but you can allot a little more time for the affected task in its next turn. The best thing is to avoid the distraction as far as possible.

2. Meditate and exercise daily. It will improve your physical as well as mental health and help you stay focused on your goal. As per most of the successful people, mental and physical fitness keeps you calm and motivated to work hard for your goal. An unhealthy mind and body can't focus on difficult tasks. It will find ways to avoid work and look for comfort and enjoyment, and will find chat and games the answer of these needs. So stay fit to stay focused.

By making a schedule and sticking to it will help you keep distractions and time killers away from your routine while being physically and mentally fit will help you stay focused on your goal.

Staying focused is number one requirement to achieve a goal and is a prime concerns for most of the people as they can't stay focused. But its not impossible if you can remove distractions and time killers from our routine, cultivate a habit of making and sticking to a schedule and keep mental and physical health at its best.

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