7 Warnings Before You Make a Decision

Do I have something to motivate you?


Am I trying to preach you something here?

No again.

Should I teach you how to make decisions?

A big NO here. Because you make more than a hundred decisions every day in your life. Even your morning starts with a decision. i.e. Should I sleep for extra 20 minutes? Of course, you always say yes to this one. Your life, your time.

Then why you are reading this article?

Because you need some important warnings to make the decisions which have the power to create or destroy your life before you even realize what happened.

Which decisions am I talking about?

The decisions of your relationships, your career, and your life.

If you believe you need these warning (I know you do) then keep reading this article.

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Counseling is required

I will not suggest you follow the advice of your friends, family, and mentors blindly. But it does not mean you should not discuss it with them. Go to them, tell them what you have decided for your career or any other decision of your life. And ask for their opinion on your decision. Here comes an important part which is to listen to them. Discuss every doubt they have or you have about it. There will be some problems or challenges. Find out as many as solutions for these hurdles and choose what you think is best for you.

Find out the All Available Options You have

It is never easy to make a big decision in our lives. When people talk about the mistakes they made. We regret one thing most. The option they did not choose. And the problem is that we do not think about all possible choices before selecting one.

You don’t go this way. Right? So get a white page, write down all the options you have and it’s time to choose the best one for you.

Get out of your secure zone

You know why most of us think that our mornings are monotonous and evenings are not interesting enough. Because we choose to do the same thing every day, we listen to the same music, we hang out with some people and never try something new in our lives.

But I dare you today.

Say no to this secure life. Nobody is going to do bombardment on you if you take a vacation to travel the places you always dream. While making a decision ask yourself this question. Will it make your life more amusing or not?

Calculate true value of your decision

Let me share you one useful truth of this process of decision making. Our instant emotions affect our decisions.  How? We will understand this as an example.

I went for a Three days trip with my friends some years ago. On the second day of our trip, I got into a rude conversation with one of my friends. I felt so humiliated that I decided to leave that trip right away and came back to home. I did not even think about it once and that caused me a good loss of relationship with all of those friends who got my back for a long time in my life.

This incident taught me a good lesson for my life. I believe it can also help you with your decisions.

Fear of failure is not worth to even consider

I used to wonder why people take so much time to make a valuable decision. Sometimes they never make them. When I got failed with the most critical decision of my life, I found the answer.

What is that answer?

The fear of failure is the biggest and most powerful enemy of our lives. If you are going to change your career, start your own business or anything else. When you see this monster, kill it with your courage and go for what you have chosen for you.

Don’t value what others think

My parents wanted me to become an engineer. So I enrolled in an engineering college and tried to live my parent’s dream. But I failed there. I failed there badly.

Today I am thankful to God for that failure. Because I am living my dreams today. I write, I travel and do what I love. The path suggested by others is the path they couldn’t dare to follow. There is no way that path will take you to your destination. May you ask? You have no idea what to do in your life. Then try anything you want, make mistakes and you will find your way to your true life.

Envision where it will lead You (True meaning of success) 

This is the most important warning for you. The outcomes of our actions are not in our hands. Right? But you don’t want to face a situation like you have climbed a mountain and you realize the fact that it’s a wrong mountain. Give this thought a minute here. Thousands of people are living such a life where they feel that they should not be there for one single moment. And it's too late for them to make it right. So make it sure that you are going for such a decision which will give your desired results. You can be after adventures, happiness, or something else. But you have to find out what is the true meaning of success for you.

Bonus Warning: Make it or leave it, Don’t hold it

These all warnings will help you make a better decision in your life. But you will need to follow one more advice here. The advice is to make your decision quickly. Give yourself enough time before making any choice.

Follow all the above warning to get some help. But if you are not able to make your decision, leaving it will be a nice choice for you. Because it will disturb your present life and happiness so keep it in mind. 

Final Conclusion

I hope this article will improve your decision-making ability. This is the ability which affects your life more than anything. If you have any doubt or suggestion please leave it in the comment section.

Thank you!

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